Monday, March 10, 2008

Boracay: Poolside, Barside, SARS is going away

So after contracting the SARS virus I’ve spent the majority of the past week in But now, I’m getting better and I’m chilling at the bar/pool in the hotel in Boracay. It was quite an adventure to get here - plane from Manila to Caticlan, then shuttle bus to the other side of the island, then boat to Boracay, then another shuttle bus to the hotel. But the trip is so worth it - the hotel is amazing - three pools and it’s right on the beach.

So we got here Monday, the day after Matt and Portia’s wedding in Manila - the most elaborate wedding I have ever been involved in. They spared no expense. It included the releasing of doves, Matt and Portia walking into the ceremony under fire swords, a 20-minute Filippino dance performed by elementary school children, plus so much more. And the reception area was in this enclosed garden/fish/bird sanctuary. The whole thing ceremony and reception took 10 hours - wow.

OK - need to get in the pool - it’s hot here at the bar.

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