Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday in SF

Let’s see, today is Sunday...I’m sitting at the counter in my friend Eric’s girlfriend Breanne’s apartment in North Beach. It’s a beautiful day outside, at least it looks like one - I haven’t been out yet. I just woke up from a night partying at the strangest-slash-coolest club I’ve been to in a while. Eric, B, her friend Angela, and I went to Supper Club last night. E knows the people so we got in for free. Upon entering I see a dude - I think - wearing a white corset (nipples showing), stockings and Marilyn Manson-esqe makeup. So after some Patron (fancy tequila) shots and a Corona I headed to the bathroom. According to the people in line there are two bathrooms - one for actually pissing and one for coke. I wasn’t sure about this but the truth was confirmed about an hour later when I went to the bathroom after shaking it up on dance floor. I walked into the bathroom where I found a girl and a guy in the room (it’s a big room with one toilet and two lounge chairs) endlessly chatting. While I was washing my hands the girl offered me some coke on her fingernail! How could I refuse?! What a tempting offer. All I could think about was Len Bias dying the day he was drafted from a coke overdose. Politely, I said,“Thanks - I already had some” and moved on. Welcome to SF!

Prior to heading to the club the four of us pre-gamed at Eric’s crib in Cole Valley - drinking Patron and Corona’s and freestyle rapping to some beats Eric laid down (Eric goes my MadJack when he DJs). [side note: Breanne just made me an omelette and coffee - how awesome is that!] During the rap session I determined that Eric should teach people how to freestyle rap. This after he taught Angela to rap and she laid down a few lines. Yes, a 6 foot white dude with a blond afro from Minnesota teaching people how to rap.

Before we went to the club E, B, and E’s co-worker Rachel, and I went to Cal-Berkley to see a perfomance of George Crumb (the Exorcist composer) and Dawn Upshaw (some bomb saprano according to E). The Crumb piece was totally what I expected to see at Berk - the musicians were wearing zorro-like masks and the music was eerie.

Friday was spent carving it up on the mountain - my best day on the mountain - mainly because I was so cautious early. I gradually picked up speed throughout the morning and had my best run right before lunch. And Saturday was the travel day from Telluride to SF.



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