Friday, February 29, 2008

No ACL tear - I think

After the rough fall on Wednesday, I spent Thursday taking pills and icing my knee. I couldn’t straighten the leg but could put pressure on it, jump on it and walk on it. In the afternoon I went to the Telluride Medical Center. The Physician’s Assistant did all the tests and determined that I either have a sprained MCL and/or ACL, but that tears are unlikely. This Monday I am going to see a Sports Ortho Doctor in SF for a second opinion.

Since today - Friday - is my last day I figured that I should at least test out the leg and see if I can ride. I took it cautiously the first 2 hours but after that the leg felt real good and I was riding the best I’ve done all week. The mountain here is huge and I’ve done all the green and blue runs, electing to avoid the blacks. After lunch I started pushing it harder until I felt ready for the black run. The problem though is that in the back of my mind I kept thinking about my last run at Jackson Hole last year. I was feeling confident and then had a terrible fall - fatigue and overconfidence are a bad combination!

Anyway, I hit the black and had my best run of the day on my last run of the trip. Now I’m stoked! Next year I am going to stay here for two weeks...and if anyone wants to join me (Joey and Chad bailed this year) let’s talk.


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