Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 3 of the Round da World trip

Just in case you are reading this for the first time, my trip goes like this: 7 days in Telluride, Colorado, then 4 days in San Francisco, then 12 days in Philippines, then 8 days in Thailand, and finally 5 days in London. 38 days in total (there’s a travel day in the calculations).
So today I am officially sore and need the foam roller desperately. I took a group lesson today - something I typically do when I take these long snowboarding trips. There were 5 people in the group - 3 chicks and 2 dudes (including me). One girl, Kath from PA, was a trooper - while everyone else dropped out throughout the day because they were tired, Kath kept going - carving it up and increasing her speed. Last night we got another foot of snow, so the tough runs were a little softer meaning that you could push the envelope and not feel the same pain of you fell. The instructor, Glider Bob, kept reminding me to bend my knees and stay low. Consequently, my legs are’s like a 5 hour boot camp...which is something that I might consider doing once a month when I get back...any takers?

In other news, my basketball team won this weekend, defeating the defending champs, Night Cap. Last year we got one win and that was a forfeit. So defeating the defending champs is a good start to the league. My fear is that we (they?) will win all the games when I am away and then I will be cut and have to play on the Sunday league to get playing time.

Ok, that’s enough for now...the maker’s mark is kicking in.


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