Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 2 of the Round da World trip

Day 1 was a travel day, so nothing exciting happened.

But Day 2 was AWESOME! I am in Telluride, Colorado. If you are ever looking for a great place for skiing/boarding, this is great. I’ve only been here one day but I already like it better than Snowbird (Utah) and Jackson Hole (Montana). I think it’s better because the gondola is right in heart of Telluride, so you can stay in town, hit up the coffee shops, go out at night, and still be 5 minute hike to the lift. Both Jackson Hole and Snowbird are kind of secluded from the nearest towns.

So the boarding today was perfect - they’ve had the best snow here in 20 years, and it’s snowing now. It’s been a year since my last trip boarding (Jackson Hole), so I didn’t want to go too hard in the beginning. The first few runs I just wanted to work on my mechanics, adjusting my balance, getting my turns right. Everything before lunch was me getting re-acclimated to boarding and also discovering the mountain. But then lunch consisted of Maker’s Mark on the rocks and a PBR (the working man’s beer) - plus some food - to help calm the nerves. That’s when I started carving it up and increasing my speed. I was flying down the mountain! Hit a couple of jumps, did some 360s (not in the air)...tomorrow is a group lesson to see how I compare with others. By the end of the week I hope to hit the snow park and the back country runs - all something that I’ve avoided in the past.

Smells like it’s time for dinner!


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